Teladoc Health's U.S. board-certified doctors are available 24/7/365 to resolve many of your medical issues through phone or video consults. Your Teladoc Health benefits are available to you and anyone else in your household at a
$0 co-payment per visit.

Contact Preferred Benefit Administrators

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If you are eligible through you Employer, please complete the required information to the right and select your Employer Name in the drop-down box. Your Teladoc Health benefits will be activated within 1 business day of submission. We will contact you if we are not able to match your eligibility record with the information supplied by your Employer. 
Activate your Teladoc Health Benefits
If you are interested in an individual account, or have lost eligibility through your Employer and would like to continue to access your Teladoc Health benefits, select 'Individual Account' from the drop-down box and we will contact you with additional details, including pricing.